PTV's New Services

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PTV Productions is proud to announce the launch of our new Services, including web programming and design, online outreach strategies, DVD fulfillment, and interactive production partnerships.

Canadian media producers need great tools and advice to negotiate the post-Canada Media Fund environment. PTV Digital offers a wide variety of services to help you succeed in the new world of multi-platform content production:

1. We build websites for companies and individuals.

If you’re making media in Canada today, you need to be online. Our web design and programming team can help you build your perfect website - one that’s affordable, easy to update, and makes you and your company look great. Talk to us about social media strategy, and how you can extend your network without spending your life on Twitter.

Check out a recent example of our work at Haiti

PTV donated web design, programming and writing services to this project, which has since helped launch the professional careers of two young Port-au-Prince university students. Since the site launch and outreach campaign, Emmanuel and Johnny have worked with clients including the CBC and Wesleyan University, as well as numerous freelancers.

2. We partner with producers and filmmakers to make great interactive content.

Have a great TV project that you think could appeal to the Bell Fund or CMF convergent stream, but don’t want to apply on your own? PTV Digital will partner with you on top non-fiction projects to create an interactive plan that works - for producers, funders, and online audiences. We’ll showcase your show’s best content, drive new viewers to your program, and help build and maintain a community around your site.

Read more about Inside Disaster, PTV’s multi-platform documentary about relief work in Haiti, for an example of our style of interactive production.

3. We help you sell and distribute your DVDs online.

You made a great film, but you don’t want to spend the rest of your life selling it. PTV can help you set up online sales through your website, then package, process and mail the DVDs when your customers come knocking (the latter step is called DVD fulfillment). Skip the Paypal wrangling, HTML widgets, and trips to the post office, and get right to the DVD profits.

For an example of how we can help you with DVD sales and fulfillment online, check out the PTV Store.

Find out more about our Services, learn about our team, or contact us to set up a consultation.