War of 1812


This award winning four-hour mini-series brings to life the war between British Canadians and the newly independent United States of America. A conflict fought to determine the future of a continent.

Both bravery and bloodshed characterized the war from 1812 to 1814. Armies, resplendent in battle dress, fired murderous volleys into each other’s lines. Its combatants used tomahawks and bayonets, war canoes and war ships larger than Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar. These epic battles established the early boundaries between the U.S.A. and Canada.

While virtually ignored by history, the Shawnee, Iroquois, and other native groups fought against the USA ignited by the promise of a Native nation on the North American continent. A promise betrayed.

In "The War of 1812", hundreds re-enactors re-create the key battles of the period. Professional actors bring to life diaries, letters and journals of the central players of the war. Restored forts, meticulously recreated ships and the glorious landscape of North America’s forests and lakes are stars in their own right, while luminous oils and water colours give vivid impressions of the battles, the heroes and the vanquished.


4 x 60 minutes


Director: Brian McKenna
Writers: Brian McKenna and Terence McKenna
Editor: Ken MacNeil
Director of Photography: Stefan Nitoslawki
Composer: Lance Neveu


Winner for Best Sound - Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Gemini Award
Nominee for Best Documentary Series - Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Prix Gemeaux
Nomination for Best Documentary Series - Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival