Footsteps of Goliath


Since man's earliest history, tales of giants have become part of legend and myth in nearly every culture. Perhaps the most famous of all mythological giants in world literature is the biblical Goliath, slain by a shepherd boy who was to be king. As the bible is a strange blend of myth and history the question arises: Did real giants once walk the face of the earth or is their existence merely fiction?

Atmospheric filming at dig sites, geographical locations and monuments will be enhanced by aerial photography to get a sense of size and scope of these places in their landscape. Never before seen archive video footage made during excavations in Jordan in the 1980’s unearthed extraordinarily tall skeletons and photo archive material relevant to finds in the 20th century will be shown. X-ray photographs and archive footage will be used to reveal a medical explanation for gigantism.

Footsteps of Goliath is an archaeological detective story that takes us to countries like America, England, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. Breathtaking scenery, mysterious tombs and monuments, dramatically lit artefacts, inscriptions and ancient texts, and interviews on location by renowned scholars will open up the world of the Bible and shed a whole new light on the legendary story of David and Goliath.


1 x 60 minutes


Director: Mike Warmels
Editor: Oscar Pathuis
Writer: Mike Warmels
Directors of Photography: Rob Ijsbrandy, Jo Vermaercke, and Christiaan van den Broecke
Composer: Mark Korven