Grandpa’s Garden


Grandpa's Garden is a place that embodies that time in childhood where the youngest eyes are seeing everything for the very first time and finding it all so new and fascinating!

Where do trees come from? What do worms eat?
What is rain? Where do the animals go in the winter?

The questions are never-ending as children turn to that beloved adult in their lives for answers. The one who seems to know everything about everything and takes so much delight in the telling!

In the garden of Gavin and Suzie's Grandpa there seems to be a million amazing things: flowers, plants, trees and ponds, animals and bugs of all kinds. Everywhere they look there is something they have never seen before or something they know nothing about. That's why they love to visit this place, as will every child. Grandpa is always there to warmly welcome them, and to answer all their questions with wonderful stories to help them understand and songs to inspire their imaginations.


39 x 8 minutes


Director: Ian Dunbar
Writers: Hal Dunbar, Carol Commisso, John Capek, Ronney Abramson
Illustrator: Paul Watling
Editor: Cort Bremner
Composer: John Capek