Inside Disaster Haiti


Within 48 hours of a major natural disaster, the Red Cross Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) is on the ground. Inside Disaster follows the stories of both humanitarian workers and aid recipients in a life and death drama that plays like a fiction, but is all too real. Our camera crews will document the fieldwork of each FACT specialist as they assess damage and coordinate the supply of life-saving water, healthcare, shelter, and food. The obstacles they face are varied and constantly changing. With our unprecedented access to FACT, Inside Disaster will deliver powerful and gripping stories, told by fascinating characters caught up in a high-stakes drama.

TVO will be airing the series in Ontario on three consecutive nights at 9pm:

Tuesday January 11 (ep 1)
Wednesday January 12 (ep 2)
Thursday January 13 (ep 3)

Inside Disaster Haiti will then repeat in Prime Time on 3 consecutive Wednesdays at 9pm:

Wednesday January 26 (ep 1)
Wednesday February 2 (ep 2)
Wednesday February 9 (ep 3)

SCN will be airing the series in Saskatchewan
Sunday Jan 16, 23 and 30 at 8:00pm
repeating at 10:00pm

Canal D will be airing the FEATURE VERSION in French
on January 9th at 7pm


3 x 60 minutes (Series), 1 x 87 minutes (Feature)


Director: Nadine Pequeneza
Editor: Geoff Rayes
Directors of Photography: Tony Wannamaker, Stefan Randström
Composer: Alex Khaskin



"...more in-depth analysis and context than most TV news reports are offering now."
National Post (Ampersand Blog)

"...thoughtful documentary coverage has surfaced..."
Now Public

"The Inside Disaster crew will  be there in Haiti long after most of the news cameras are gone - an important fact because it lets the team tell the whole story of the Red Cross relief work, and a more complete nuanced story of Haiti and its people as the re-build from the earthquake."
Now Public