Inside The Haiti Earthquake


Survive. Report. Save lives. Inside the Haiti Earthquake is a web-based simulation that allows users to experience the quake’s aftermath from the point of view of an aid worker, survivor, or journalist.

This jaw-dropping first-person interactive experience is a companion piece to the Inside Disaster documentary and web projects. Based on a provocative script from “serious gaming” expert Michael Gibson, the interactive experience combines original footage, photographs, music and real-life stories from Haiti.

Inside the Haiti Earthquake draws on footage and real-life stories from the three-part Inside Disaster documentary series. Co-director, cinematographer and composer Nicolas Jolliet also travelled to Haiti in January and August 2010 to capture original footage, photos and music for the project.

Lead Developer Nicole Chung and Graphic Designer Peter Henderson framed this stunning material within a haunting Flash-based simulation without parallel on the web.

Inside the Haiti Earthquake is PTV Productions’ first foray into web-based gaming. It is a nominee for the 2010 Canadian New Media Award for Best Web-Based Game.


Web-based game


Interactive Producer: Katie McKenna
Director, Editor & Composer: Nicolas Jolliet
Writer & Director: Michael Gibson
Lead Developer: Nicole Chung
Graphic Designer: Peter Henderson
Cinematographers: Nicolas Jolliet, Stefan Randström, Tony Wannamaker
Still Photography: Nicolas Jolliet, Edyta Materka, United Nations Development Programme
Location Sound Recordists: Paul Adlaf, Nicolas Jolliet, Simon Paine
Narrators: Falaune Louis Jacques, Gloria Slade, Matthew Thompson
Music: Nadine Bonne Annee, Nicolas Jolliet, Coloby Luckson, Negrillon, Santia Theodore, Hugues Ybrahim
New Media Assistant: Lucas Ng


Nominated for 2010 Canadian New Media Award for BEST WEB-BASED GAME