Letters To God

image of Letters To God


The heart of this program is inspired by the sincerity of Art Linkletter in “House Party” and the humor of Bill Cosby in “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. Letters to God is a show that reminds us that kids see the world from a different place. They often mimic our worries. They also face their own tough challenges and issues that we might think are trivial. But, seeing these worries expressed by children we are reminded of how important those same concerns once were to us.

Our host, Justin Louis, will bring children into the studio to read the letters they have written to God voicing their questions, hopes, dreams, and concerns. Justin Louis speaks to the kids on their level and they tell him their thoughts on the world around them, what they love about it, fear about it, what makes them laugh, what makes them sad, and what solutions they have for making it a better place.


16 x 30 minutes


Host: Justin Louis
Director: Ian Dunbar
Writers: Andrea Nemtin, Sandra Meret, Ian Dunbar
Editors: Cort Bremner, Andrew Bee, Alan Code
Composer: John Capek