January 1st: the first day of the New Year and, for some, the first day of a proclaimed new lifestyle. Each year millions of people choose New Year’s Day as their fresh start, a clean slate from which to date a new, better self. The New Year’s Resolution can signal a powerful new lease on life. Whether it’s quitting smoking, starting a diet, or controlling a phobia, the New Year’s Resolution is a universal declaration of rebirth. But does it work?

Resolutions, over six vérité-style half-hours, will follow five people as they make and then try to stick to their declarations for a better life. The focus is on health, happiness improving the self as a comedienne tries to quit smoking, a woman tries to lose weight, an energetic family tries to organize their chaotic home life, a single man looks for a lasting relationship while another tries to overcome his agoraphobia. We will get a glimpse into their life, friends, family, and work environment to see where and how their resolve is threatened or strengthened. The stakes are high for these people, upping their chance for success. Deeper questions arise as each of our subjects try to change outmoded, damaging patterns. How do support and preparation increase the chance of success? How can failure be predicted and prevented? They soon learn that change takes more than will power, and even positive changes have consequences. All it takes, some say, is a little will power.


6 x 30 min


directed by Maureen Judge and Karen Shopsowitz

Distribution: Tricon Films Broadcaster: Discovery Health (Canada), Life Network